Art of the soul

“The aim of art is to project an inner vision into the world, to state in aesthetic creation the deepest psychic and personal experiences of a human being. It is to enable those experiences to be intelligible and generally within the total framework of an ideal world.”

“Eliminate ´not clear´ thinking and function from your root.”

“Creation in art is the psychic unfolding of the personality, which is rooted in the nothing. Its effect is a deepening of the personal dimension of the soul.”

“All the vague notions must fall before a pupil can call himself a master.”

“Art is the way to the absolute and to the essence of the human life. The aim of art is not the one-sided promotion of spirit, soul and senses, but the oppening of all human capacities – thought, feeling, will – to the life rhythim of the world of nature. So will the voiceless voice be heard and the self be brought int harmony with it.”

“Artistic skill, therefore, does not mean artistic perfection. It remains rather a continuing medium or reflection of some step to psychic development, the perfection of wich is not to be found in shape and form, but must radiate from the human soul.”

(Bruce Lee)


About Karate-Do

I investigate about the fundamentals and principles of Karate-Do Shotokai - the practice of Mitsusuki Harada Sensei.
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