Is it easy? No!

“A relaxed body generally lacks tension. Muscles are relaxed and loose.  Movement is fluid and the person seems happy or unconcerned overall.”

(in Changing Minds)

“A relaxed body…” Is it easy to get there? No! But we keep on trying in daily practice… That practice can be anywere, anytime. And I believe that the way we think, the way we act, the way we talk, have influence in your body condition, your body language.

And about a body language, were it is a very interesting way of seeing that subject:

“Body language comes in clusters of signals and postures, depending on the  internal emotions and mental states.  Recognizing a whole cluster is thus  far more reliable than trying to interpret individual elements.

Aggressive body language: Showing physical threat.

Assertive body language: Adult expression of desire.

Attentive body language: Showing real interest.

Bored body language: Just not being interested.

Closed body language: Many reasons are closed.

Deceptive body language: Seeking to cover up lying or other deception.

Defensive body language: Protecting self from attack.

Dominant body language: Dominating others.

Emotional body language: Identifying feelings.

Evaluating body language: Judging and   deciding about something.

Greeting body language: Meeting rituals.

Open body language: Many reasons for being open.

Power body language: Demonstrating one’s  power.

Ready body language: Wanting to act and waiting for the trigger.

Relaxed  body language: Comfortable and unstressed.

Romantic body language: Showing attraction to others.

Sales Body Language: Using your body to sell.

Submissive body language: Showing you are prepared to give in.”

(in Changing Minds)


About Karate-Do

I investigate about the fundamentals and principles of Karate-Do Shotokai - the practice of Mitsusuki Harada Sensei.
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