About Energy (II)

The second post about energy. Some more “common” concepts to read. The research continues… Next energy post is about the human energy field.

About Energy (II)

When we look at the window, we see things happen. Energy causes them.

Energy can be found in a number of different forms:

– Chemical energy;

– Food energy;

– Electrical energy;

– Heat (thermal energy);

– Light (radiant energy);

– Mechanical energy;

– Nuclear energy.


A system can transfer energy to another system by simply transferring matter to it (since matter is equivalent to energy, in accordance with its mass). However, when energy is transferred by means other than matter-transfer, the transfer produces changes in the second system, as a result of work done on it. This work manifests itself as the effect of force(s) applied through distances within the target system. For example, a system can emit energy to another by transferring (radiating) electromagnetic energy, but this creates forces upon the particles that absorb the radiation. Similarly, a system may transfer energy to another by physically impacting it, but that case the energy of motion in an object, called kinetic energy, results in forces acting over distances (new energy) to appear in another object that is struck.

Transfer of thermal energy by heat occurs by both of these mechanisms: heat can be transferred by electromagnetic radiation, or by physical contact in which direct particle-particle impacts transfer kinetic energy. Energy may be stored in systems without being present as matter, or as kinetic or electromagnetic energy. Stored energy is created whenever a particle has been moved through a field it interacts with (requiring a force to do so), but the energy to accomplish this is stored as a new position of the particles in the field?a configuration that must be “held” or fixed by a different type of force (otherwise, the new configuration would resolve itself by the field pushing or pulling the particle back toward its previous position). This type of energy “stored” by force-fields and particles that have been forced into a new physical configuration in the field by doing work on them by another system, is referred to as potential energy.

A simple example of potential energy is the work needed to lift an object in a gravity field, up to a support. Each of the basic forces of nature is associated with a different type of potential energy, and all types of potential energy (like all other types of energy) appears as system mass, whenever present. For example, a compressed spring will be slightly more massive than before it was compressed. Likewise, whenever energy is transferred between systems by any mechanism, an associated mass is transferred with it. Any form of energy may be transformed into another form. For example, all types of potential energy are converted into kinetic energy when the objects are given freedom to move to different position (as for example, when an object falls off a support).

Reporting again to the human energy

Many scientists are making considerable progress in understanding consciousness and its influence on the human energy system, but most stop short at the frontier of the mystical, exceptional, and transcendent, unwilling to go further.

The human energy system is the fundamental system of energy within the human body and the environment surrounding it that supports and sustains human life.

In addition to investigating the human energy system itself, and how consciousness affects it, HESA (Human Energy Systems Alliance) examines—through rational, secular, and scientific means—the numerous spiritual and alternative practices which have exhibited penetrating insight into this system, insight that challenges both common sense and commonly held conceptions of what is possible for human beings.

HESA takes full advantage of this insight, testing it rigorously and combining what is learned with both established and emerging knowledge in the sciences, to heal the divide between ancient spiritual wisdom and modern scientific theories of reality, and to better understand, in a holistic way, what it means to be inheritors of consciousness.






About Karate-Do

I investigate about the fundamentals and principles of Karate-Do Shotokai - the practice of Mitsusuki Harada Sensei.
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