What are your reasons to practice Karate?

Millions of people in the world practice martial arts, including karate, with its many features and modes of practice.

The Karate training has numerous benefits, each person have their motivations and certainly their ideas about the benefits that the practice brings to their lifes.

Before I can “hear” your motivations, I wrote some that have to do with me. At the end, I hope that who practices Karate, wants to leave your opinion about the benefit(s) of it or reason(s) why you do it.

1. Self Defense: Karate can give you some fighting techniques, not to become a hero, but for getting more confidence and audacity and sometimes this knowledge, for itself, could solve many problems.

2. The training effect: the Karate training improves physical and also mental abilities. It emphasizes the physical effort, improves reflexes and the time response . If the practice is balanced, can upgrade flexibility, strength and endurance.

3. The spiritual aspect: many people (including me, in my practice) learned that karate can develop our ability to generate internal energy through breathing exercises and a training related with a relaxed body, but firm and as one, to reach one single goal.

4. Learn new ways of seeing, feeling and percept the world, as well to  improve our relationship with others. Basically, it is a process of self-discovery that, if it makes sense for us, can lead us to want to explore further the practice and to do our own creative process, as mentioned in some Mitsusuke Harada Sensei´s books.

Now, chose yours and tell us about your experience! Waiting for your comments!



About Karate-Do

I investigate about the fundamentals and principles of Karate-Do Shotokai - the practice of Mitsusuki Harada Sensei.
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