Personal Creation

blue cosmosCreation always involves the experience of contrast – There is no creation without contrast/polarity. Take any creation and you will see the contrast it creates. Of course, to sense contrast is a “perception” but we cannot help but have this perception simply because the very nature of our mind (or mind of life-energy) is to desire growth, and hence we are bound to see the contrast in everything that’s created. It’s delusional to imagine that you will end up in some static reality, at some point, where you would just “be” without requiring any further movement/growth or creation. Of course, once you are creating from a place of inner wholeness, you will no longer be creating strong contrasts (strong imbalances) in your reality – in other words, creation that comes from a place of inner wholeness will have a balanced interplay of light and dark, no component goes into a strong imbalance. But, in any case, every creation involves an interplay between light and dark, the only problem is when one of the components goes into imbalance, which is when there develops “resistance” to the natural state of balance, which is what causes suffering.

Any creation that comes from a place of balance is easy to maintain and is also easy to dissolve (painless dissolution). You can see why it’s easy to sustain the creation of the cosmos, for billions of years, it’s because the cosmos came from the mind of life-energy in its natural state of wholeness – the cosmos has an interplay of light and dark, but the interplay is smooth and balanced. Human beings, on the other hand, can create some very imbalanced realities when their mind is rooted in imbalance, when they are not in touch with their natural state of inner wholeness. Such imbalanced realities result in suffering, because they are not only difficult to maintain (requiring a constant struggle/strife) but they cause as much pain during their dissolution (think about a painful breakup of a dysfunctional relationship). Inner wholeness is the foundation to create balanced realities, while the suffering created by imbalanced realities is always a wake-up call towards inner wholeness – so eventually everything will fall in place, that’s why I always maintain that balance is inevitable.

Seeking a “perfect” reality is a delusion. The only thing that’s perfect is the natural state of inner wholeness, this is “unwavering”. However, the very act of creation requires polarities – so even when you create from a place of wholeness you still need to create into polarities of light and dark, and due to your nature of growth, you can’t stop creating. It’s just that from a place of inner wholeness your creation does not have any strong imbalances, rather it feels like a smooth interplay between light and dark polarities – in any case, there is no such thing as a perfect reality, there will always be a contrast in your reality. Letting go of the delusion of seeking a perfect reality allows you to be more in sync with the truth of life.”



About Karate-Do

I investigate about the fundamentals and principles of Karate-Do Shotokai - the practice of Mitsusuki Harada Sensei.
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