Some differences between a trainer and an educator in martial arts

The TRAINER in martial   arts

The EDUCATOR in martial arts

Wears whatever he feels like. Wears a proper uniform.
Conducts his classes   as he pleases. Conducts his classes   within a planning scheme.
Blames everybody. Accepts his responsabilities.
Demands atention and affection. He is available to   receive attention and affection.
Demands respect. Respects to be respected.
In the class he is always looking at the clock to see when it ends. In the class, he is   always thinking in something useful to do with time.
Accounts how many hours he teaches and practices. He pays attention to what he does during those hours.
He wears a   black belt. He is a black   belt.
He is influenced by others disposals. He is influenced by   honour.
He says what he wants. He thinks before speaking.
He thinks he is a gift   for his students. He knows he is there   to help and serve his students.
Lives a double life. One   in his classes and another at home. He lives a simple life based in simple principles.
Takes everything personally. Assumes his specific   roles: educator, president, student, friend, familiar…
Listen with the   intention to answer. Listens with the   intention to understand.
He has a hammer´s personality, that´s why he   treats everybody as a nail. He has a leader   personality, thats why he treats everybody with courtesy.
He has excuses for   everything and to get out of problems. Tries to solve the problems, without any excuses.
Reveals his abilities by hurting the others. He reveals his abilities in everything he does.
He searches the other´s sins and thinks that he has the right to comment it. Tries to find the   other´s talents and gives them confidence. 
Looks for what   students do. Looks for what students   do. And what they can do.
Practices the others   self defense. Studies his own defense.
Practices techniques. Studies and educates   himself through the techniques.
Speaks. Behaves.
Does. Is.
Take advantage of. Teaches.
Compares. Aprecciates the differences.
Laughs from tradition. Learns, respects but   he not tied to the tradition.
Lives in the past to   be saved in the future. Lives in the present.
See things and demands   “Why?”. Observes and thinks   “Why not?”.
See the martial arts as   everything. See the martial arts   as a way.
See his style as the   way. Doesn´t see any style   as the way.
See the glass full or empty. Knows how to   appreciate the middle term.
Takes something like a curse or a blessing. Accepts challenges. 
He believes that the classes should be payed   and well payed. Believes that   everything has a price, sometimes the price is money.
Compares the diferent arts. Appreciates the beach   and the camp and respects both.
Search ways to show   what he knows. Search ways of   becoming better in what he does.
He demands to the   others to follow only his way. Puts in practice,   respects and understands the right to chose.
Plays to win. Nothing   more. Plays with that goal –   play. Sees losing as a way towards learning.

About Karate-Do

I investigate about the fundamentals and principles of Karate-Do Shotokai - the practice of Mitsusuki Harada Sensei.
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