go_beyond_your_limits_by_cherrygirlalina-d46rppgShould we limit ourselves to certain “limited beliefs”?

To me, having and knowing our own limits means to know ourselves. Means also to transcend ourselves. Only then we can know our limits: in our jobs, in your daily routines, in our personal relations, in our Karate Practice.

To me, having and knowing our own limits doesn ´t mean “I cannot do that or this”, “I don´t have enough experience”, or “I will never make it”.

To me, it means “I will give my best and try to make it”. Be as exigent, as comprehensive with ourselves.

That´s why I share some excerpts of an interesting article about “Understanding Your Individuality”.

“One of the aspects of understanding your individuality (which includes understanding your personality) is to see yourself in the “present” light rather than constantly perceiving yourself from some past image, or past conditioning. It’s very possible that certain aspects of your individuality can change over a period of a few months (or sometimes even a day) depending on a certain growth experience that you go through, or a certain shift in awareness. Life is very dynamic, and it’s important to keep in touch with your “present” state rather than color your perception through some past idea you have of yourself. (…)


If you’ve been going through a certain journey of a growth in awareness, it’s very likely that you feel a sense of conflict within you where parts of your “old awareness” are in battle with the parts of your “current awareness”, which can feel like the battle of two personalities/individuals within you. This conflict can be very exhausting to say the least, and it creates a sense of disorientation, uncertainty, lack of clarity, indecision and a certain “stuckness” where you want to make a move but you are not able to find the energy to do so – the reason for this conflicted state of being is quite simply because of the battle between the past-you and the present-you.(…)

Since there is no such thing called “perfection” in life, you will see that every physical manifestation (be it humans, animals, birds, insects, or one-celled amoeba) has its own set of imperfections/limitations to deal with. Your unique human body has its own unique set of limitations that it’s born with, and these limitations become apparent through comparison – the experience of limitation may be relative, created through comparison, but it’s a part of reality, and it’s not just a delusion.

Above_and_Beyond___7_by_particle_fountain1The “feeling” of limitation is inherent to life, and it’s not an imaginary feeling which can be removed through some “positive affirmations”, it’s a very real feeling that you are bound to feel as a living being, at all points in your life. To accept the feeling of limitation is more aligned with life rather than trying to delude yourself through some positive affirmation of “I am the best”. Confidence built on “delusion” is always on shaky grounds, and it needs to be constantly “repaired”, whereas a sense of confidence built on reality (of accepting your limitations) is on a stable foundation.(…)”

in Understanding Your Individuality



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